OCDfinish was founded through the love of detailing. Our aim was to create a range of car care, that is the ultimate in detailing products and customer service. We want to create a product and a service that suits all of our customers, whether they be a car enthusiast, a detailer or a reseller.

At OCD, our ethos is to provide you with a market leading product that’s easy to use, and of the highest standard . We are a performance leading manufacturer of premium detailing products from shampoo to hydrophobic glass cleaner. Our products are delivering the ultimate shine to professional detailers and car enthusiast across the UK.


OCDfinish was set up originally by close friends Neil Trew and Ashley James in 2009. Through our love of all things cars and detailing, we soon got the nicknames Mr. OCD, always cleaning our cars and for others it was almost a mini meet on a Sunday just to clean cars at home! Every show we attended, we purchased products, particularly every new product that came out on the market. Predictably, we had some good, some great, some not so great and eventually we had our favorites. Our must-haves (you know that product you can't do without!) Trouble was, they were all from different places so ordering became a nightmare.

We thought wouldn't it be awesome to have our own brand?! We can call it OCD, have all our favourite products all in one place in the same bottle (that's the OCD in us). So a with a combination of meeting with a photographer who wanted to do a photo shoot of us cleaning cars for his final degree at university, and him bringing his friend that was studying to be a chemist, and us saying we would love to do our own range of products at the shoot, he offered to help. As they say the rest is history! We went on to develop a full range of car care one by one. It took over 2 years to complete our opening range, having literally sold all we had - the drifter, the track car, we even moved back home to raise funds that allowed us to develop our brand and to create the full range of products we now have today.

We attended many shows in the coming season and the products were a hit. With people beginning to love the brand and the quality of finish you can achieve with the products the brand started to grow. A few resellers joined our team, helping us distribute our products far and wide.

In 2015, Ashley made the decision step down as a partner due to work commitments and time, so Neil took full ownership and continued working hard to bring on more resellers and opening our outlet in Holland allowing a supply chain into Europe.